Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Critters on the move

Well, overall it's been a busy day around here. This is just some of the stuff we were up to today....

-Isobelle & Bitsy were off to the vets this morning before work to have their eyes checked

- Nibby the degu had his teeth clipped

- A hamster from Sylvia went to the island

- Two rats were picked up from Lisa by Lani & Simone and one went ot a new forever home (Lenny) and another to his new foster home (Arthur) - Arthur may have a new home as well

- Simone, Lani & Lisa met up at the vancouver SPCA where they signed out thre degus that went over to the island today as well

- Simone and Lani were on the road again (yikes) - they went to Dr Upjohns ot pick up some meds, then to Leonas to get a rabbit that went over to the island as well. They then met up with Cora who is transporting everyone to the island to meet up with Christy et al.

- Lisa is going to meet up with Kooky & Cadburys foster mom after work as she no longer can keep them

- Later Lisa is going to meet with a new guinea pig foster parent who will foster 3 of the 5 Home Boyz

- still awaitng autospy results from Jeeter :-(

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