Thursday, December 16, 2010

Bye Bye to the penny?

If the penny is discontinued.....what will this mean for our rescue group?

This definitely comes as sad news for us and the animals.  SARS BC currently holds 4 bottle & penny drives each year and100% of the proceeds from these drives go towards our medical fund.  Losing such a reliable source of funding will definitely impact us hard.

Pennies are a wonderful grass roots way to fundraise as people are more willing to donate them than they would a loonie or a toonie, they often have large collections of them lying around and it is a GREAT way for even the youngest of supporters to contribute and feel that they are helping the animals.

Much like the animals we help, the penny may be small but it can make a big difference to the animals.
For the time being, we hold our breath and await a final decision.

The penny debate

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