Friday, December 3, 2010


It's hard to believe that nowadays people still *choose* to buy & wear fur.

Yesterday I was told about a store that carried lots of unique rabbit kitch ie cards, soap holders after hearing that I could hardly wait to go and check it out.
Apparently this particular store has a clothing section located to the nick knack store (where I was supposed to go).

Unfortunately I went into the clothing store instead of the kitch store and was horrified.  There were rabbit fur ear muffs, scarves, key chains etc EVERYWHERE.  I asked the staff if it was real fur and of course they had no we both started to look.
Everything was clearly labelled RABBIT FUR and it all came from China.  Fur farms in China are notoriously hell on earth for all fur bearing needless to say I couldn't leave that place quick enough.

I got back to work and sent them off an email with some links to rabbit fur farms in China.....I hope they take the time to read it and maybe learn where their products come from.  I am not holding my breath but maybe they might be as blissfully ignorant about what they are selling as are most of the customers who are buying it.

During my search for some of the links to the fur farms I ran across this:

The Rabbit: “Poster Child” for Animal Rights

“I should be the poster child for animal rights. I am slaughtered for my fur. I am slaughtered for my meat. I am factory farmed in rabbit mills. I am tortured by vivisectors in their ‘labs.’ I am the third most commonly ‘euthanized’ companion animal. I am hunted and snared. I am the object of blood sports. I am often cruelly abused. I am given as a live animal prize. I languish in pet stores. Why aren’t I?”
—Poster from RabbitWise, Inc., a rabbit advocacy organization.Read more here

This is where it becomes a struggle for us.....more often than not, it seems so futile trying to help, save or re-home one rabbit when millions & millions and millions suffer and are killed each day.  People don't view rabbits the way they do cats or dogs, they roll their eyes that we spend time *helping rabbits* when there are fur, they are food, they are lab animals......I know and understand...."one at a time" and "help those that you can",  but sometimes the scope of everything is just so over whelming :(

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Bunnycat said...

Don't shoot me but I proudly wear fur...

That was personally deposited by my living, breathing and loving companion cats, rabbits and chinchillas. That is the only way in my opinion humans should wear real fur!